How does
smumo work?

You can find smumo cars on the cambio apps overview map, where you can choose your vehicle and reserve it for 20 minutes. There is no need to enter a end date and time - you are free to decide how long your journey will be.

The app leads you to your smumo car. Open it using the app or your cambio-card, and you will find the car key in the glove compartment. Enter your PIN in the onboard computer, take the key out and you are ready to go.

Once you have finished your journey, simply drop the car off in a free public parking space within the smumo zone. A precise overview of the smumo zone is available in the app.

Where can I find

smumo is now available in central districts of Bremen, where smumo and the network of cambio sites complement each other to offer the best of both sharing models: flexible, open-ended bookings or reliable car sharing with fixed stations.

Within the smumo zone, the cars are parked in free public parking spaces. Likewise it is possible to park in residential parking zones inside of the smumo zone. Check the app to see the precise boundaries of the smumo zone.

There is also a smumo-hub at the main train station, where cars can be parked in the BREPARK car park for a small fee.

How much does
smumo cost?

smumo is billed using the cambio price category S. The duration and mileage of a smumo journey are billed in 15 minute intervals, with a minimum booking of one hour.

The cambio rate you choose determines how much your smumo journey will cost.

Here are a few examples:

Going shopping at the 'Basis' rate288.36
Visiting a furniture store at the 'Aktiv' rate42012.20
Weekend trip at the 'Comfort' rate4825087.00

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