cambio Bremen

StadtAuto Bremen CarSharing GmbH
Humboldtstr. 131-137 
28203 Bremen
Telephone 0421- 37 68 78 80
Fax 0421 / 37 68 788-570

Opening hours
Mon and Fri 9am to 5pm
Tue, Wed and Thu 9am to 6pm

  • Registration:

  • In the city centre of Bremen

    Schüsselkorb/ Museumstr. 2
    currently closed

  • In Bremen Findorff

    Georgs Fairkauf
    Admiralstraße 143
    By appointment:
    Opening hours

  • In Bremen Neustadt

    Copy Line
    Große Johannisstraße 175
    Opening hours

  • In Bremen Schwachhausen

    Commodore Reisen
    Wachmannstraße 36
    By appointment:
    Opening hours

  • In Bremen Vegesack

    Otto und Sohn
    Breite Straße 21
    currently closed

  • In Bremen Walle

    Waller Schatzkästchen
    Waller Heerstraße 35
    By appointment:
    Opening hours

  • In Bremerhaven

    Bürgermeister-Smidt-Str. 196
    Opening hours

  • In Lilienthal

    Buchhandlung Buchstäblich
    Hauptstr. 51
    By appointment:
    Opening hours

  • In Leer

    Schmiedestraße 7
    Opening hours

  • In Achim

    Rathaus Achim, Room 322
    Obernstraße 38
    By appointment via Phone: 04202-9160304
    Opening hours

  • In Wilhelmshaven

    Ebertstr. 110
    currently closed

  • In Wilhelmshaven

    For Students of Jade Hochschule
    AStA Office
    Friedrich-Paffrath-Straße 101
    currently closed

cambio Bookingservice

Humboldtstraße 131-137 
28203 Bremen
Telephone 0421 - 79 466 43

Booking fee via telephone: 0.50 Euro. Please use for bookings the app or our website.

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