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CarSharing: how it works

CarSharing with cambio follows a simple principle. There are permanent stations at various locations around the city, and these are where your journey begins and ends. Imagine a car park or parking space somewhere near your house, but instead of a private car there are one or more cambio cars parked there.

CarSharing with cambio

From your registration to the return of the car. This film explains everything you need to know about CarSharing with cambio in a few minutes.

(How it works - cambio CarSharing in 7 minutes - tutorial)

Your booking
You can book your cambio vehicle with your smartphone, on our website or via our app. The process only takes a few minutes. You can also contact the booking service directly at stations with a key locker.

You can book a vehicle on the spur of the moment while you are on the go, or you can check, change or cancel your booking in a matter of seconds. The app shows you the nearest cambio station to your location or the next available car, and calculates the cost of your journey.

On the cambio website, you can take your time to decide which model is best for you. It then takes just a few clicks to book your preferred vehicle for your journey.

Our call centre in Bremen is available all day to take your booking and to provide assistance - simply dial +49 (0)421 794 6643.

Your vehicle
cambio cars are parked in reserved spaces. But regardless of whether they are in an underground car park or an outdoor parking space, you can collect or return your vehicle at any time. Once you are at the station, accessing the key to your vehicle is quick and easy with your cambio-card and PIN or cambio-app. More information here.

Your journey
With cambio, you have access to more than just one car; you have access to an entire fleet. You can rest assured that you always get as much car as you need from an agile city car to a comfortable estate car or a spacious van. You decide the type of vehicle you need at the time.
At the end of your journey, you simply park the car again in the reserved space at the station.
Our fleet team takes care of everything else.

CarSharing: the benefits for you.

CarSharing ist a great idea ...

... for young people
if having your own smartphone is more important than owning a car. Navigating the real world should be as straightforward and hassle-free as navigating the internet.

... for families
as an alternative to owning a car. For birthday outings, large shopping trips or travelling on holiday. Child seats are available in all cambio cars.

... for city dwellers
in combination with public transport or cycling. Long-term cambio users enjoy favourable terms and conditions. The price of petrol ceases to be one of life's concerns.

... for later in life
when you are less likely to use your own car. Pricing for occasional drivers makes personal mobility more affordable and convenient. Book your car well in advance or on the spur of the moment, online or over the phone the choice is yours.

... for business travellers
when the company has no vehicle fleet of its own, would like to reduce the size of its fleet, or where peak demand needs to be managed. Access the cambio fleet around the clock throughout the year while maintaining full control of your costs.

... for anyone
who believes in personal transport that is both sustainable and adaptable to a changing world.