• User Guide Car sharing with cambio is very simple.
    • Find out all about booking and using the cars, car features and about billing trips. You have another question regarding a different topic? Just use our search function.

      If you have any questions about one of your bookings or problems while using one of our cars, please contact our booking service at: +49 ( 0)421 79 466 43. We are there for you around the clock.

      You have a question about your contract? Just contact your local cambio office. You can find the phone number here.

      For a quick overview on all the important topics, watch the film This is how it works: cambio in 7 minutes.

      Please note: If you return a vehicle before the end of the booking period, you will now be charged 50 percent of the time costs for the time not used. Unfortunately, at this point, our film is not quite up-to-date anymore.

  • How to register How much is it to drive with cambio? How do I decide on the best rate for me?
    • Car Sharing Pays off

      If you drive less than 10,000 km a year, car sharing is usually cheaper than having your own car.

      If you rather travel on foot, by bus, train or bike and only occasionally need a car, car sharing is an ideal addition to your personal mobility mix.

      However, car sharing is also an interesting option even if you drive considerably more.
      Enjoy the flexibility of different car types, and the comfort of not having to care about service, parking or washing the car. Car sharing keeps you flexible, while paying less than for the purchase and maintenance of an own car.

    • Our Tariffs

      Choose the most suitable rate according to your driving needs.

      For business clients, please contact your local cambio office for a rate consultation. The following values can help private customers to get a first overview of our tariffs BASIC, CAMPUS, ACTIVE, COMFORT:

      No monthly basic fee. Weekday and weekend rate.

      For students, as well as for people under the age of 25.

      For about 60-250 km per month (or roughly 700-3.000 km per year).

      From about 250 km per month (more than 3,000 km per year).

      For detailed prices, please look under tariffs.

      You can have the costs for individual trips calculated via the price information service. Based on the price information, you will receive different values, depending on vehicle class and percentage of (cheaper) long distance kilometres.

      You can change rates monthly in case your driving needs have changed. For instance, if you are planning a holiday.

      One rate change per calendar year is free of charge. For every additional rate change we charge a service fee of 15 Euro.

      You can change your tariff online in the customer area or at your local cambio office.

    • Register at cambio

      You can register online or personally at cambio.

      Simply get in contact with us.

      You can also sign the contract at one of our branch or sales offices and collect your cambio-card.

      Bring your driving licence and your identity card to collect your cambio-card at one of our offices. If applicable, bring your local public transport season ticket or your confirmation of enrolment with you.

      Alternatively to an identification card, you can also bring your passport in combination with a certificate of residency (not older than three months).
      Normally, it only takes us a few days to handle your data, to activate your cambio-card and to send your PIN to you.

    • Novice Drivers

      At cambio novice drivers, aged 18 years or older can get into car sharing.

      However, novice drivers can only book vehicles of the price classes XS, S, and M. For more detailed information, contact your local office.

      Once the driving licence has been valid for two years or the driver has reached the age of 25, the whole cambio-fleet is available to novice drivers.

    • As Much Car As You Like

      Our line of credit.

      Cambio bills your trips and other chargeable positions afterwards; therefore, giving you credit. The line of credit - the amount of the monthly credit - is determined by cambio at the start of a new contract and can change in the course of the customer relationship or it can be adjusted according to the driving quantity.

    • Invoice

      You receive a clearly arranged invoice.

      Your trips are listed indicating driver, vehicle, driving time and distance covered. Invoicing occurs depending on frequency of use.

      Important note to business clients: The value-added tax is shown separately. Therefore, the whole vehicles costs are entitled to deduct input tax.

      Pay conveniently by direct debit - eight days after date of invoice.

    • Additional Authorized Drivers - Partner-Card

      You can add other authorized drivers to your account.

      You can register additional authorized drivers in the customer area under the menu item "contract". You can also use the form Partner-Card as a download (currently only available in german).

      All authorized drivers receive their personal cambio-card. As cambio-contract holder you are fully liable for the whole costs and any possible damage that result from your authorized drivers use.

      Note: With Campus-Tariff you cannot register any additional drivers.

  • Booking How and where can I book my next trip with cambio?
    • Booking in general

      Plan sufficient time for your trip.

      You can book the vehicle of your choice around the clock: via app, on the internet or by phone - five minutes before setting off or up to 360 days in advance.

      Book a bit generously. This helps to avoid fees for delay or overrunning. If you return early, unused remaining time is automatically cancelled and charged at only 50 percent of the time price.

      If you realize during your trip that you will not be able to return at the agreed time, please extend your booking BEFORE your booked period elapses. Via app you can book up to 120 additional minutes, if required, provided that the car is available during this period. In case this is not possible, please phone the booking service.

      If there is no subsequent booking for the car, your booking will be extended. If the car is reserved, you will be charged for the extended time, as well as for the delay.

      You can cancel your bookings via app, online or at our booking service. If you return the car early, the remaining time is automatically cancelled and charged at only 50 percent of the time price.

      A booking fee of 1 Euro is charged for bookings, booking alterations or cancellations by phone. Complaints and damage reports are free of charge. Bookings and alterations via app are also free of charge.

      For more information on our charges look here.

    • Booking Via cambio-App

      Use our app to book, alter and cancel.

      Find a cambio-station or vacant cars near you. Calculate the costs of the trip before setting off.

      Overview of the functions:
      - Edit Reservation
      - Find Car
      - Extend
      - Forgotten PIN
      - Cleanliness Check
      - Return to Station
      - Open Car
      - Call Center
      - Close Reservation

      Where can I get the cambio-app?
      You can download the app at the Apple Store or the Google Play store. Enter your country, customer number and PIN to log in. Agree to the conversations with our booking service being recorded. Some functions of the cambio-app require GPS. Please activate GPS in the settings of your device.

      Booking a car
      Go to "New Reservation" and enter requested vehicle class, station and booking time. At the lower toolbar you can select features and alternative suggestions. Click on "Search" to start searching for suitable cambio-cars.

      If your requested vehicle is available, enter your PIN. Click on "Book Now" to complete the transaction. You will receive confirmation via e-mail. The booking is shown under "My Bookings" in the app.

      Currently vacant cars
      Under "Currently Vacant Cars" you can find all available cambio cars near you. The vehicle class is set to S and the booking time is set to two hours by default. You can adjust these settings under Change Search.

      On the map, you can see your position and all available cars in your area. Tap on a vehicle to receive more information. Via "Book Selected Car" you can book your cambio-car. Enter your PIN to do this.

      My bookings
      Here you can find your current booking transactions.
      Click on an existing booking to alter or cancel it.

      Quick extension
      Extend your current booking by up to 120 minutes. You can only use this function if the car is available for the requested time period.

      Setting off
      Here you can see the route to the station. Rate the condition of the vehicle before setting off, or use the function to contact our booking service.

      Here you can see the route back to the station. For real-time navigation, go to "Route".
      On your way back you realize that you are delayed? Make a one-time extension of 15 minutes for your cambio-car, provided that the vehicle is available for this time.

      Additional functions
      The home button takes you back to the main menu. The icons for features and filter for the booking are only active during the booking process. Additionally, you can find your customer profile and a link to the mobile cambio-website here.

    • Booking Online in the Customer Area

      Here you can edit your information and book cars.

      First log-in
      Click on "Log-in" in the upper right corner. Click on Customer No/PIN to choose user name and password. Enter city, customer number and PIN. Click on "Log-in" to confirm.

      Now, enter a user name and choose your password. The password must be at least six characters long, including one special character, one capital letter and one number. Then think of a password recovery question and answer. You will need these in case you forget your log-in information.

      Additional log-ins
      Click on log-in and use your user name and password to log in. Your password for the customer area on the website does not replace the PIN for safe, car computer or cambio-app.

      Welcome to the customer area
      Here you can make your bookings.

      On the left you can find the customer area. This is where you can:
      - view, alter and cancel bookings,
      - view bookings in the archive,
      - edit your contract data,
      - ask for a rate consultation or a rate change,
      - order the safety package,
      - add other authorized drivers to your contract,
      -send a message to customer service.

      Your booking request
      You can make your request on the booking screen.
      The current time and the most frequently selected options are preset. You can change all items according to your liking. This way, you can choose to only view cambio cars at your preferred station or select features, such as air conditioning or satnav.
      Confirm your selection by clicking on "Send Request".

      Price information service
      You want to know the expected costs of your trip? The price information service considers your rate. Just enter the distance you roughly expect to cover.

      Our booking proposal
      Based on your specifications, you will receive booking proposals. If you click on Book Now, the reservation will be made.

      Your booking confirmation
      You receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. If you alter or cancel your booking, you will also receive a confirmation e-mail.

      You want to make another booking? Click on "Continue".

      In case your requested car is not available
      In case your booking request cannot be met, we will propose alternatives to you. Deviations from your request are shown in red:
      - other vehicles at your station (possibly with different booking period),
      - requested vehicle class at different stations,
      -additional proposals within the requested booking period.

      If the proposed vehicle differs in terms of booking period or vehicle class, we will automatically indicate the difference regarding the time costs.

      Click to select the best alternative.

    • Booking by Phone

      At our booking service you can book cars around the clock.

      You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)421-79 466 43. You can also find our phone number on your cambio-card. When calling, please tell us:

      - the city in which you are a customer,
      - your customer number,
      - your name.

      Then tell us the requested booking period.
      This must be at least one hour. It starts and ends every quarter of an hour (e.g. 7:00, 7:15). Please use the 24 hours mode for dates, days of the week and times to help avoid misunderstandings.

      Now tell us:

      - vehicle class
      - your preferred station

      In case your requested car is occupied, our booking service will propose an alternative to you.

      Your phone calls with our booking service will be recorded, to clarify misunderstandings or cases of doubt. The recordings will be deleted after three months. You can dial the following numbers if you generally agree to the recording of your conversations.

      Aachen / Jülich +49 (0)421- 79 466 461
      Bielefeld +49 (0)421- 79 466 462
      Bremen +49 (0)421- 79 466 460
      Berlin +49 (0)421- 79 466 4701
      Düsseldorf starting in May 2021
      Flensburg +49 (0)421- 79 466 465
      Hamburg +49 (0)421- 79 466 465
      Rheinland +49 (0)421- 79 466 466
      Hamburg-Metropolregion +49 (0)421- 79 466 4702
      Oldenburg +49 (0)421- 79 466 464
      Saarbrücken +49 (0)421- 79 466 463
      Wuppertal +49 (0)421- 79 466 4703

    • The cambio-Cars

      A wide range of vehicles and features.

      Whether you are looking for a compact car, a minivan, a station wagon or a van: at cambio you find new vehicles which are generally replaced after three or four years.

      At cambio we offer stick shift and automatic cars. Almost all of them include air conditioning and a navigation system. The cambio-fleet is equipped with winter tyres or the corresponding all seasons tyres with winter licence (marked M+S for mud and snow).

      If you are planning a trip to a snowy area and need snow chains, please contact your local office.

    • Accessories

      If you need any accessories, please contact your local cambio office.

      Depending on vehicle type and city, roof racks, bike racks, luggage racks, trunk lids and a limited number of additional child car seats can be provided. Please contact your local office early enough.

      Please note that only constructional systems borrowed at cambio may be mounted.

  • Getting Started What to consider. How and where do I get the car keys?
    • How to Pick up Your Car

      The car is reserved for you throughout the booked time.

      Simply pick up your cambio-car at a cambio-station within the booked time. Have your cambio-card and your PIN ready.

      Tip: In case you notice that you need the vehicle a bit later or not at all, reduce the booking time or cancel the entire trip. You will only be charged 50 percent of the time price (not retroactively).

    • Opening the Car Or Safe Via App

      You can also open the cars and the safes using the app.

      You can find this function under Setting off. Please check whether Open Car/Safe via App is activated in your user profile.

      Taking over the vehicle
      At the car, press the button Open car to unlock the car. If this does not work, repeat the process. Please note: You need a working data connection to open the vehicle via app. Please also carry your cambio-card with you.

      During stopovers, lock the car only with the car key. Do not lock the vehicle using the app, as this will terminate your booking.

      Returning the car
      Lock the vehicle via app. Press the button Close reservation. If you cannot lock the vehicle via app, please use your cambio-card.

      Opening the safe
      You can also use the app to open the safes. Press the button Open locker to open the safe. Please close the safe afterwards by hand.

      Please note:
      Some cambio-stations inside parking facilities require the cambio-card for access.

    • cambio Stations with A Safe

      In this case you find the car key in the safe.

      Hold the cambio card in front of the display at the safe and enter your PIN. After three wrong entries, your cambio-card will be deactivated. In this case, call the booking service. Re-activating your card is only possible between 7:00 and 23:00. Press B to be directly put through to the booking service.

      The display and a bright LED show which slot your car key is in. After taking the key, you hear a beep until the safe door is closed again.

      After taking the key, you can unlock your car and start right away. You can identify your car via the note on the key fob (e.g. S101 or licence number) and by using the remote.

      Please always check for damages.

      Returning the car
      Lock the car with the car key. Afterwards, open the safe, put the car key anywhere and close the safe.

      Why does the safe not open?
      Display message Für Sie liegt keine aktuelle Buchung vor! (There is currently no booking for you on hand!): Contact the booking service and have your booking data checked.

      Display message Schlüssel fehlt! (Missing key!): Maybe the previous user overran the booking time. Please contact the booking service.

      If you use a different access card than the cambio-card, you might have to activate the safe by pressing any key.

    • Vehicles with Car Computer

      In this case, you open the car directly at the windshield.

      You can identify your car via the labelling (e.g. S101) on the side or rear window. You can find this in your cambio-app under" My Bookings".

      Hold your cambio-card in front of the card reader on the windshield until the red light changes to yellow and green. This unlocks the doors. If the light does not change from yellow to green, there is no booking on hand, or you may be at the wrong car.

      Please always check for damages.
      You can find the car computer in the glove compartment. Please enter your PIN and take the car key. You can start now.
      You want to contact the booking service? Press the yellow button on the car computer.

      During your booking time, lock the cambio-car with the ignition key. You only need the cambio-card when returning the car.

      Only upon return place the ignition key into the car computer. Otherwise, the booking will be terminated.

      Returning the car
      Park the cambio-car at the station. Confirm Would you like to return the car now? On the car computer. The display shows driving time and distance. Put the car computer back into the glove compartment.

      Lock the car with the cambio-card by holding it in front of the reader. The light changes to red and the car is locked. Please check again that the car is really locked.

      Why does the car with car computer not unlock?

      - Maybe you are at the wrong car.

      - You booked spontaneously and it takes a moment for the car computer to receive your booking data.

      - You arrive too early at your car and your booking time has not yet started. Wait until your booking time begins or call the booking service.

      - The booking was created for another authorized driver on your account. Please call the booking service.

      - The vehicle has a technical fault or the battery is dead. Please call the booking service.

    • Checking for Damages

      Always check for damages before setting off.

      When taking over a cambio car, you need to clarify that you did not cause any existing exterior damages before setting off. Please check the vehicle thoroughly. Pay attention to side mirrors, roof, wheels and tyres, headlights and tail lights, as well as the windshield.

      Tiny scratches on the surface, less than 2 cm long, are normal traces of use and do not have to be reported.

      When you notice some damage, check the logbook whether it has already been documented (list and sketches of damages on the inside).
      In this case, you can just set off.

      If there are any new damages, please report these immediately to the booking service. You can reach the booking service by pressing B at the safe, or by pressing the yellow button on the hands-free equipment of the car computer.

      If you fail to check for damages or continue to use the car without authorisation of the booking service, cambio may assert a flat charge for damages of 250 Euro.

    • The Car You Booked Is Not at the Station

      Please call the booking service at +49 (0) 421 79 46 643.

      We try to book a comparable replacement vehicle for you at the same location or pay for a cab ride to a replacement vehicle at a different location.

      If we cannot find you a comparable replacement vehicle in adequate time, you are entitled to a compensation credit of 15 Euro.

    • Hygiene And Cleaning

      cambio takes care of the service and maintenance for the vehicles.

      We regularly test the vehicles for their technical condition and clean the interior and exterior. However, please help us to keep the cambio cars clean. Take your entire visible "residue" with you. If your children leave cookie crumbs on the seats, or you transport soiled goods, please clean the car. The next cambio customer will be happy to receive a clean car.

      If the person before you left a dirty car behind, please tell the booking service at taking over.

      If the car is so dirty, that you feel uncomfortable using it, please call the booking service. If the vehicles exterior is so dirty, that you need to drive to the car wash, cambio will cover the costs for this. Please submit the original receipt immediately to your local cambio office. Please note down your customer number, name and vehicle you used (e.g." Train Station S101") on it. The amount will be booked to your account. Note: We do need the original documents. A photo of the receipt is not sufficient.

    • Child Seat

      Most cambio-cars are equipped with child seats.

      In Germany, all five-door cambio-cars are equipped with a child seat. It is suitable for children with a body weight of 15-36 kg - roughly 3-12 of age. Do you need an additional child seat? Please contact your local office. Vans are generally not equipped with child seats.

    • No Animals Please. No Smoking Please.

      In order to avoid allergic reactions and unpleasant smells, we ask you to abstain from carrying animals and smoking in the cambio-car.

      cambio-cars are smoke-free zones. If the previous user did not adhere to this, please report this to the booking service.

      Do not carry animals with you in the cambio-car. So people who are allergic to animal hair can use cambio-cars, as well. However, if it is really inevitable, have animals travel in closed transport boxes in the luggage space. Please vacuum the luggage space thoroughly after transport.

      Note: If we consider a special cleaning necessary after transporting animals, we will charge you a staff hour of 50 Euro.

    • Your Reserved Parking Space

      Every cambio-car has a reserved parking space.

      Many reserved parking spaces are secured by chains or bollards. You can find the keys (or transmitter) at the car key, in the glove compartment or in the drivers door. Please remember to secure the parking space again when leaving, so the parking space is available to you when you return.

  • On the Road What to do when you have an accident? Where can I go with the cambio-car? Do I always have to refuel?
    • Refuelling

      Please make sure that the tank is at least ¼ full when returning the car.

      There is a fuel card in every cambio-car that you can use all over Europe to refuel the car at no charge. You can find the fuel card in the logbook or in the car computer.

      Here you will also find more information on which petrol stations accept the card (currently only available in german).

      When paying, enter the PIN and, if necessary, the km reading. The PIN is not your personal identification number, but the "Refuelling-Code" or" Refuelling-PIN". The Refuelling-PIN can be found on the key fob. In vehicles that have the fuel card in the car computer, the Refuelling-PIN appears on the display once the fuel card is removed.

      Be careful whether your vehicle uses diesel or petrol (super 95). This information can be found at various places in the car, e.g. above the fuel tank cap of the car. Damages caused by misfuelling are fully at the expense of the customer.

      Premium fuel
      Do not use any kind of premium fuel (e.g. V-Power or Ultimate). They are more expensive and their benefits are debatable. cambio reserves the right to charge you the difference to regular fuel, as well as a fee of 5 Euro.

      Please do not use super with E10 (higher admixture of bioethanol). We think: Cereals go in the stomach and not in the tank.

      Refuelling without cambio-fuel card
      If you refuel at your own expense, please submit the original receipt immediately to your local office. Please note down your customer number, name and vehicle you used (e.g. "Train Station S101)" on it. The amount will be booked to your account.

      Note: We do need the original documents. A photo of the receipt is not sufficient.

    • Screen Wash

      If necessary, you can simply fill this up at our expense.

      If you use up screen wash water on long trips or due to weather conditions, please refill it at a gas station. Also add antifreeze, if needed. If you are unsure how to fill the water into container, refer to the owner's manual. You pay the costs with the cambio fuel card. If the fuel card is not accepted, please lay out the amount and pass the receipt to your cambio office.

    • Tire Pressure

      We always pay attention to the correct tire pressure.

      Checking the tire pressure is normally not necessary due to the regular cambio checks. Should it nevertheless be necessary on a journey, please adjust the tire pressure, with a stop at the gas station. You can find the correct tire pressure in the owner's manual or in the tank cap.

    • Letting Other People Drive

      You can let other people drive, if you are in the car.

      If you are in the car, you can let other people take the wheel, provided that:

      1. the person in question holds and carries a driving licence valid in Germany.
      2. you have assured yourself of their fitness to drive.

      Beyond that, you are not allowed to give the vehicle to anybody.

      You can give the booked vehicle to one of your authorized drivers if you are not in the car, provided that:
      1. the authorized driver carries a valid driving licence.
      2. you inform the booking service that your authorized driver is "taking over" the booking.

    • Measures in Case of an Accident or Breakdown

      We are glad to help you. In case of an accident, stick to some simple procedures.

      1. Secure the scene of accident, get help and call the police in any case. Do not sign an admission of guilt.

      2. Call the booking service. They will help you out.

      3. Hand the sheet cambio-contact information to the other party. You can find it in the logbook under "Unfall/ Panne" (Accident/ Breakdown).

      4. Note down the reference number of the accident report and leave it together with the filled in European accident report (in the logbook) in the car. So our vehicle fleet team can easily get to these important documents.

      Please call the police also in case of a minor accident (e.g. hit and run parking damages) and try to get the contact information of any eye witnesses.
      cambio takes care of further claims settlement.

      In case of a breakdown, you are insured through a cover note.

      Your cambio-car breaks down? Please call the booking service. Please stay at the car until the damage and the next steps have been clarified.

    • Travelling Abroad with cambio

      Mobility all over Europe with cambio.

      With the cambio-car you are mobile throughout Europe. You are allowed to travel with the cambio-car in all countries of the EU and Switzerland.

      Especially, if you are traveling longer with the cambio in Eastern or Southeastern Europe, we recommend that you carry a certificate that you are allowed to travel with the cambio-car. Our office will be happy to issue this certificate for you. Please give us at least four working days to do so.

      For more information, look here (currently only available in German).

    • cambio - Mobility Throughout

      Out and about with cambio in more than 210 cities in Germany and Belgium.

      Use cambio in: Aachen, Achim, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bonn, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Brühl, Dormagen, Düren, Eschweiler, Flensburg, Hamburg, Herzogenrath, Hürth, Jülich, Cologne, Leer, Lilienthal, Lüneburg, Oldenburg, Saarbrücken, Sankt Augustin, Siegburg, Uelzen, Wilhelmshaven, Winsen, Wuppertal and Würselen.

      Also use our partner business - "stadtmobil" Berlin:
      Customers of cambio-Berlin can use vehicles of stadtmobil Berlin. However, the vehicles can only be booked by phone or via the cambio website. In case of damage, please inform the booking call centre of stadtmobil Berlin: +49 (0)30-69 20 67 - 512. Please state the licence number.

      You can also use the vehicles in the stadtmobil-Hannover, Rhein-Main (Frankfurt-Offenbach), Rhein Neckar (Heidelberg-Mannheim), Rhein-Ruhr (Essen), Stuttgart, Südbaden und Karlsruhe-Pforzheim.
      Also in StattAuto Kiel-Lübeck, stadtteilauto Münster-Osnabrück, confishare Ulm, stadt-teil-auto Göttingen and STATTAUTO München.

      In order to book a car of our partner businesses, log into the cambio-customer area and select other city under city on the booking screen. Now, select the respective city from the drop-down menu. Afterwards, you will get to the booking system of the partner business.
      At partner businesses, cambio-customers still pay the usual rate. The trips are listed on the cambio-invoice.

      In case of damage, please inform the partner business, stating the licence number. For more information about the fleet, visit the website of the corresponding partner business.

      Additionally, the cambio-fleet is available to you in 92 Belgian cities, including Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Liège.
      Customers of cambio Germany use the Belgian Bonus-Rate in Belgium. You can find the rates of cambio Belgium here.

      Customers of cambio Belgium use the German Active-Rate in Germany. You can find the rates of cambio Germany here.

  • Returning Where do I park the car? What do I have to consider?
    • Returning the Car

      Take the car back to the station, where you picked it up.

      In case the parking space is occupied, find a parking space close to you and call the booking service immediately to notify them of the location. The booking service will inform the next user about the changed location of the vehicle. Please park the cambio-car absolutely in a regular parking space, not in an underground car park, a disabled parking space or in a parking space for electric cars.

      cambio is not always authorized to have other cars towed with costs if the parking space was not secured. Therefore, our team has to check several times until the other driver has left the parking space. All costs arising from this additional time and effort will be charged to the person responsible.

      Therefore, always fold up the parking shackle after leaving the station with the cambio-car.

    • Delay and Overrunning

      Please always extend your booking time well before it elapses.

      Via cambio-app you can add up to 120 minutes to your booking, if necessary, provided that the car is available in this period.
      In case this is not possible, contact the booking service immediately.

      If the vehicle has already been booked subsequently by another person, your trip cannot be extended. In this case, we charge the regular time price and a delay fee of 15 Euro per concerned booking.
      If you extend the booking after it has ended or not at all, we will charge a fee for overrunning and the double time price.

  • Rates and Insurance What kind of insurance do I have at cambio? What are the rates?
    • Insurance

      cambio-cars have insurance. But you are even better off with the safety package.

      The basic cover includes: Breakdown cover (alternatively: manufacturer assistance), as well as liability, comprehensive and partial cover insurance with an excess. Normally, the co-payment per claim is a maximum of 1,200 euros. The co-payment for self-inflicted partial coverage damage is 150 euros.

      With a security package, you can reduce your deductible to 200 euros per claim. The deductible for self-inflicted partial coverage damage is then 0 euros. The SiPack costs 50 euros per person per year.

      You are already a cambio customer? You can easily purchase your SiPack in the login area "My cambio".

      Information on the condition of the vehicle insurance for cambio Oldenburg | Stadtteilauto Oldenburg cambio GmbH can be found here:

    • The Safety Package (SiPack)

      Reduce your excess to 200 Euro per case of damage.

      With the safety package, you can reduce your co-payment from 1,200 to 200 euros per claim. The co-payment for partially comprehensive damage is 0 euros.
      The safety package is a stand-alone contract and costs 50 euros per person. The SiPack is taken out for a period of 12 months and is renewed for a further 12 months unless the SiPack is cancelled before the end of the term. The amount is due at the beginning of the contract period and will not be refunded proportionally in case of cancellation.

      Cancellation can be made in text form to our cambio-office.

    • You Lost Your cambio-card or Forgot Your PIN

      If you need a new card or PIN, call your local office.

      If you have lost your cambio card, simply order a new one at your local office. The old card will be deactivated.

      If you have forgotten your PIN, call your local cambio office. Out of office hours, please call the booking service: +49 (0) 421 - 794 66 43

    • Termination

      You can terminate your contract with cambio at the end of the month.

      You can terminate your contract at the end of the month two weeks notice is sufficient for us. Please submit a written notice by mail or e-mail to us. You can also terminate your contract online, in the customer area.

      Personal circumstances change: If you realise that you do not need our services anymore, we still hope, you were always satisfied with us.

      You can drive with cambio up until the last day before your date of termination. In order for the termination to be effective, we ask you to return the cambio-card at the local office on the first workday of the next month at the latest. Otherwise, we will charge 10 Euro per cambio-card.

      You will receive the last invoice on the 10. day of the following month. Eight days after date of invoice, we will collect the final invoice amount from your bank account. After that, the direct debit mandate expires.

    • Reservation to Adjust

      Depending on the current fuel price, cambio imposes an increasse or a reduction of maximum three Cent per kilometre. The costs per km under the menu item Tariffs include the current amount, respectively.

    • Fuel inclusive

      The prices include the costs for fuel and cover note, as well as value-added tax.

  • Driving Credit Buy driving credit for yourself or as a present.
    • Buying Driving Credit

      Please contact your local office. The driving credit is valid for three years, starting at the end of the year of the purchase.

      cambio-customers can purchase driving credit. This can be used up for trips with a cambio-car, as described in the general terms and conditions, but not for monthly contributions, excess or other fees. As long as there is any driving credit, it will automatically be used for the payment of trips.

      The purchase of driving credit corresponds to the purchase in terms of the German Civil Code. The driving credit is valid for three years, starting at the end of the year of the purchase.

    • Giving Driving Credit as a Present

      Driving credit can only be booked to an existing cambio-contract and can only be used up for driving costs, but not for monthly contributions, excess or other fees.

      Whether you want to make a small contribution to the next holiday or just for every day - a gift certificate for driving credit is always a good idea.

      Getting your gift certificate issued
      Simply visit us at our local office. Unfortunately, we cannot issue gift certificates online.
      Choose an amount for the driving credit and take the gift certificate with you, right after purchase.

      Redeeming a gift certificate
      You received a cambio-gift certificate? You can redeem it directly at our local office. We will book the driving credit to your customer account. A payout of the amount is not possible.

      Please note, that you can only redeem a gift certificate in connection with an existing cambio-contract.

      The driving credit can be used up for trips with a cambio-car, as described in the general terms and conditions, but not for monthly contributions, excess or other fees. As long as there is any driving credit, it will automatically be used for the payment of trips. The purchase of driving credit corresponds to the purchase in terms of the German Civil Code. The driving credit is valid for three years, starting at the end of the year of the purchase.

  • Electric Cars simple - electric - on the road
    • Can I also spontaneously book an electric car?

      Yes, just like any other cambio-car.

      You can book electric cars just like any other cambio-cars, spontaneously or up to 360 days in advance.

    • Are there any specifics when booking electric cars?

      Yes, please specify the requested range when booking.

      Generally, there is no difference between booking electric cars and booking other vehicles of our fleet.

      With one exception, though:
      In addition to the requested time, please also state the requested range, i.e. the expected route in kilometres. This information guarantees you sufficiently charged batteries for your planned trip.

    • Why Is the Bookable Range of Electric Cars Limited?

      We do not want any unplanned interruptions on your trip.

      We do not want any unplanned interruptions on your trip. The battery of an electric car has limited capacity, just like the tank of vehicles with an internal combustion engine. The actual range depends on many factors: manner of driving, weather, switched on heating or air conditioning have an effect on the battery charge, thereby reducing the range.

      In order to provide you with the right range for your trip, we need to know how far you want to go. Based on previous trips and considering various factors, we calculate the range of the battery charge.

    • Do You Charge The Booked KM Or The Mileage?

      We only charge the mileage, just like with all the other rates.

      For the billing, we always calculate the exact mileage which is transferred by the car computer to the system after the end of the trip.

    • What to Consider at The Charging Station before Setting off?

      Before setting off, you are obligated to check the car for damages.

      It is very simple; however, if this is your first time, take some minutes to familiarize yourself with everything. Please note, that the check for damages also includes the charging station and the charging cable.

      Check the range on the dashboard display. If the displayed value is in accordance with your booking, you can start your trip. If the displayed range is less than you booked, please contact the booking service (+49 (0) 421-79 466 43).

      Make sure, that you always carry a charging cable with you on your trips, so you can charge the electric car if necessary.

      Please also note the information on the charging cable, the charging station and in the logbook. For details on the charging process, go to the website and find a brief instruction under "Service".

    • Do I Have to Shift Myself in An Electric Car?

      No, you drive electric cars like automatic cars.

      No, you drive electric cars like automatic cars. They have two pedals: the left one is for braking and the right one is for accelerating.

      Before you start, step on the brake pedal and change from P (Park) to D (Drive). As soon as you release the brake pedal, the electric car starts to slowly move. Use only your right foot to accelerate and to break. You do not need your left foot when operating an automatic car.

      Please note: Always change to park mode "P" when parking the car.

    • What to Do When the Displayed Range Is Less than My Booked Distance?

      In this case, your booked electric car is not ready for use, because there is not enough energy available.

      In this case, your booked electric car is not ready for use, because there is not enough energy available.

      Please contact the booking service (+49 (0) 421-79 466 43). They will alter your booking to a different vehicle.

    • Does My Manner of Driving Have an Effect on the Available Range?

      Yes, your manner of driving can influence the consumption considerably.

      Yes, your manner of driving can influence the range considerably - just like in a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.

      Vigorous accelerating and braking or racy driving reduce the range available for a trip. Whereas anticipatory driving and a steady manner of driving increase the range considerably.

      Tip: Every electric car has a shiftable eco-mode, which increases the range of the vehicle.

    • What to Do When the Displayed Range Is Not Enough to Get Me Back to the Charging Station?

      It is important to us, that our electric cars are powered exclusively by energy from renewable sources (electricity, wind, water).

      It is important to us, that our electric cars are powered exclusively by energy from renewable sources (electricity, wind, water). Therefore, we ask you to charge the car exclusively at charging stations that are supplied with green electricity. In case you need to charge the electric car while being on the road, please check at which charging station you can use the charging card on hand and charge the car.

      Ideally, always charge the electric car at the cambio-station, where we exclusively use green electricity. At charging stations without green electricity, the vehicles are charged with harmful grey electricity (including coal and nuclear power), which makes the vehicles no better than fuel- or diesel-powered vehicles in terms of environmental balance.

    • Do I Generally Have to Start the Charging Process When Returning an Electric Car?

      Yes, the more energy, the better.

      Yes, upon return, please reconnect the electric car with the charging station, according to the instructions. This ensures that the electric car is sufficiently charged for the next user to start their booked trip.

    • How Do I Start the Charging Process after Returning to the Station?

      In order for the next user to have as much energy as promised, it is important to connect the car to the charging station every time after returning.

      In order for the next user to have the guaranteed range available, it is important to recharge the electric car after returning to the station.

      It works in the same way, as before when picking up the car, only in reverse order. Unlock the charging equipment at the vehicle and fully insert the charging cable. Connect the other end of the cable with the charging station and start the charging process. The display on the dashboard of the electric car will now show that the charging process has started.

      Please also note the information on the charging cable, the charging station and in the logbook. For details on the charging process, go to the website and find a brief instruction under "Service".

    • Are There Any Instructions for the Charging Station?

      Yes, directly at the charging station, the charging cable and in the logbook of the electric car.

      Yes, directly at the charging station, the charging cable and in the logbook of the electric car. The handling of the charging station and of the charging cable vary, depending on car model and charging station type, and the charging process may also vary from case to case.

      For more information in advance, visit the website to find detailed instructions in the service area.

    • What to Do When the Charging Process at the End of the Trip Does Not Start?

      Is the charging cable plugged in correctly? Please check again if you completed all the steps of the instructions.

      In case of doubt, repeat the process.

      Please also note the information on the charging cable, the charging station and in the logbook. For details on the charging process, go to the website and find a brief instruction under "Service".

      If the charging process still does not start, please contact the booking service (+49 (0) 421-79 466 43).

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