Clever CarSharing on the go

With our free app you can book vehicles on the go and check, edit or cancel existing bookings. Find the nearest cambio station and the next available car or calculate the cost of your trip.

Overview of all features
- Book vehicles
- Display, edit, cancel or extend bookings
- Individual vehicle search following your preferences
- Look for vehicles and stations close to you
- Find find available cars around your actual position
- Check prices before your trip
- Direct contact to the cambio booking service
- Rate the vehicles

This is how it works:
At your first use of the app, enter your country, customer number and PIN and agree to your conversations with the booking service being recording.



The cambio-App for Android smartphones and tablets is available at the Google PlayStore.

We also offer the app independently of the Google PlayStore as a direct download as an APK file. (Minimum requirement: Android version 4.4)

downloaddownload Download: cambio_40008.apk (8.101 kB)


The cambio-App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available for download at the AppleStore.

Please be aware that:
Unfortunately, since the update to iOS7 a re-installation of the app is required. The most effective way of doing this is to uninstall the old version and then install the new one.

Data privacy statement

Here you can download the privacy policy of the cambio app.

downloaddownload Download: data privacy cambio app.pdf (54 kB)