cambio Rheinland

STATTAUTO Köln Gesellschaft für Car Sharing mbH
Maastrichter Str. 41-43 
50672 Köln
Telephone 0221-949970-0
Fax 0221-949970-810

Registration, Service and Consulting:
Monday to Friday 10:00 am - 05:00 pm

For our customers: in urgent cases please contact our
booking service 0421-7946643

Become a customer: easy with our service
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  • Further registration offices:

  • KVB KundenCenter Ehrenfeld
    Ehrenfeldgürtel 14
    50823 Köln

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cambio Bookingservice

Humboldtstraße 131-137 
Telephone 0421 - 79 466 43

Booking fee via telephone: 1.00 Euro. Please use for bookings the app or our website.