cambio Köln / Hürth

Maastrichter Str. 41-43 
50672 Köln
Telephone 0221-949970-0
Fax 0221-949970-810
  • Business hours
    Mon to Fri 10am to 5pm

    Introduction meetings & registration
    Each wednesday 6pm.
    Every first saturday of the month at 11am

  • In Bonn

    Presse & Tabak Heyer
    Hausdorffstraße 161
    53129 Bonn
    Opening hours:
    Mon-Fri 7am to 6pm
    Sat 7am to 2pm

    Lotto Toto Makhoul
    Clemens-August-Straße 24-26
    53115 Bonn
    Opening hours:
    Mon-Fri 7.15am to 6.15pm
    Sat 7.15am to 1.30pm

    KIOSK 97
    Friedrich-Breuer-Str. 97
    53225 Bonn
    Opening hours:
    Mon-Sat: 9am to 10pm
    Sun: 9am to 9pm

  • In Brühl

    LOTTO Reinhardt in der Giesler Galerie
    Uhlstraße 100
    50321 Brühl
    Opening Hours:
    Mo - Fr 7am to 7pm
    Sat 8am to 7pm

  • Registration at KVB

  • KVB Kundencenter Neumarkt
    HUGO Passage / U-Bahn Zwischenebene Neumarkt
    50667 Köln
    Opening Hours

  • KVB Kundencenter Südstadt
    Karolingerring 10
    50678 Köln
    Opening Hours

  • KVB Kundencenter Mülheim
    Wiener Platz / U-Bahn Zwischenebene
    51065 Köln
    Opening Hours

  • KVB KundenCenter Ehrenfeld

    Ehrenfeldgürtel 14
    Opening hours

  • KVB Kundencenter Westforum
    Scheidtweilerstr. 38
    50933 Köln
    Opening Hours

  • In Siegburg

    Europaplatz 1
    53721 Siegburg
    Opening Hours:
    Mo-Fr 6:30am to 7pm
    Sat 8:30am to 1:30pm

  • Mobilitätszentrale Troisdorf

    Poststr. 64
    53840 Troisdorf
    Opening Hours:
    Mo - Fr 8am to 5pm

cambio Bookingservice

Humboldtstraße 131-137 
28203 Bremen
Telephone 0421 - 79 466 43

Booking fee via telephone: 0.50 Euro. Please use for bookings the app or our website.

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