• Tariffs and Insurance Everything you need to know about the tariffs, insurances,...
    • Includes fuel

      The travel fares are inclusive of fuel, breakdown cover and VAT.

    • Subject to adjustment

      Fuel prices change frequently. Since cambio travel fares are inclusive of fuel, the price can be adjusted by three cents per kilometre without prior notice. Click on "Tariffs" to find out the current prices.

    • Insurance cover

      All cars are insured with an excess up to maximum € 1,000 per claim. An assistance contract is provided for all cars in case of breakdown or accident.
      You can reduce your excess to 200 euros with our "SafetyPack". This costs 50 euros per person.

    • Online booking - free of charge

      Reserving a car is free of charge as long as you book via internet or cambio-App. Calls to our reservation centre for booking, extending hire time or cancelling will be charged at 0.25 euros each.

    • Changing your tariff

      It is possible to change the tariff you've chosen as long as you have done so by the first of each month. One change per legal year ist free of charge. Further changes will be charged at 15 euros each.

    • OpenEnd

      If you prefer, you don't have to fix a return time with cambio. Only a small additional fee will be charged for this service. "Open End" is available for certain vehicle classes at selected locations in Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne.

  • Join How do I subscribe? Which tariff suits me best? Can I change my tariff?...
    • Up to what point does CarSharing make financial sense?

      If you drive less than 10,000 kilometres per annum ...

      If you can easily manage your mobility needs in the normal course of the day on foot, by bike or with public transport, then CarSharing will be the perfect add-on for you.

      In most cases, CarSharing is less expensive than a private car if you drive less than 850 km per month (10,000 per year).

      However, some of our customers drive a lot more than this. Although their costs are probably higher, they enjoy the choice of different types of cars and the fact that they don't need to worry about the MOT, new tyres, going to the carwash or finding a parking space.

      If you opt for CarSharing you'll have more flexibility and you'll pay much less than for a private car (e.g. loss of value, stuck with the one model).

    • Which tariff would suit me best?

      It depends upon your driving profile ...

      You can choose between tariffs with higher or lower fixed costs. What is best for you depends upon how often you will need a car and how long the trips will be.

      Corporate customers should contact the local cambio office to get custom tailored tariff consultancy.
      For private customers, the following benchmarks might be helpful for the choice between the Campus, Start, Aktiv and Comfort tariff.

      The Basis-Tariff:no monthly fee.

      The Campus-Tariff: for students and persons under the age of 25.

      The Start-Tariff: for those who drive less than 60 km on a monthly average (up to 700 km approx. per year)

      The Aktiv-Tariff: the right solution for customers driving between 60 and 250 km per month (700-3,000 km approx. per year)

      The Comfort-Tariff: if your monthly mileage is higher than 250 km (more than 3,000 km per year).

      (Please find the detailed price lists at tariffs)

      Try out our "Fare Calculator" to get an idea of what would be the costs for one exemplary trip. The prices will be displayed for all available tariffs. Due to the price structure of each tariff the fares will differ according to the selected vehicle class and according to the share of the (cheaper) long distance mileage.

    • Can I change my tariff?

      Of course! At the end of each month ...

      Your driving profile has changed?

      No problem. You can change your tariff by the end of each month. We will charge 15 euros for each tariff change.

      However: the first change after joining and one change per year will be free of charge. This gives you time to check out whether the tariff you've chosen is the right one - also in practice.

      You can apply for a tariff change within the customer area of this website or by getting in touch with your local cambio office.

    • What do I need to join CarSharing?

      Full driving licence + credit rating check ...

      You need a driver's license which is valid for at least two years in Germany - or you are at least 25 years old. Please do not forget your ID for registration.
      Alternatively, you can also use your passport and a registration certificate, not older than six months old. We also check your credit status in the SCHUFA (credit protection association).
      As long as you remain in the car, you can allow someone else to drive provided that this person is at least 25 years of age or has had a full driving licence valid in Germany for at least two years and the person is in a fit state to drive.
      You can allow as many persons to drive on your account as you want. Each authorised person will get their own chip card (partner card).

    • Are new drivers allowed to drive a cambio car?

      Drivers between 18 and 25 years has only to sign a SafetyPack...

      Yes, new drivers over 18 can join cambio.

      Car booking is only possible for vehicles included in price classes S and M from cambio Germany (i.e. from small cars up to minivans and estate cars). Booking larger cars (price class L) or cars from partner Car Sharing companies is not possible.

      The agreements validity and its restrictions expire at the age of 25 or two years after the date of issue of the driving licence.

    • Can I drive as much as I want to?

      Yes - as long as you stay within your credit limit ...

      Only you will decide how much you would like to drive - reagardless of your choice of tariff.

      However: cambio will invoice the trips you've made at the end of each month. So actually, you are driving "on credit". This is why, after joining, cambio grants you a credit limit of 500 euros for trips which have already been booked plus the trips which have not yet been invoiced. This credit limit can be adjusted in the course of your customer relationship.

    • Can I allow another person to drive on my account?

      Sure - just get a cambio PartnerCard ...

      You can allow as many persons to drive on your account as you want. Each authorised person will get their own chip card.

      As the person who has signed the contract with cambio, you are liable for the full extent of all costs and possible damages which may occur when your additional authorised drivers are in charge of the cambio vehicle.

      You can download the application form for your city as a pdf file at downloads.

      Please note: as the person who has signed the contract you need tp sign the form down to the right, confirming that the respective person is authorised to book a car with your customer number and to drive it on your account. Or you just login to the customer area of this website and register your partner online.

    • I want to become a customer - what do I have to do?

      Register online at Become customer or go for the classic way...

      The fastest way to join is to register online at Become customer. The contract will be valid after signing it at your local cambio office when you collect your personal cambio-Card.

      If you prefer the classic "paper-based" way:
      Download the "application form cambio-Card" for "your city" under Downloads), fill in the form and send it back to us.

      Please note that you need to sign the form three times:
      - for the contract itself (down to the right) and
      - for direct debiting (down to the right).
      You can send the form by post or by fax (front and back pages) to your local cambio office. Please find the fax number under Contact).

      As soon as your chip card is available, we will get in touch with you so that you can collect it at the next "induction meeting". Click on Contact to see where and when the next meeting will take place. Don't forget to bring your ID card and your driving licence along with you.

    • How do I pay for the trips I've made?

      By direct debit and after receipt of your invoice ...

      We will send you a detailed invoice, showing each single trip and indicating the driver, the car, the rental period and the mileage driven. Depending on how often you use a car, invoices may be sent less frequently.

      Corporate customers please note: naturally the VAT will be displayed separately on your invoice. Hence, you can claim back the VAT for your entire car costs.

      About eight days after receipt of your invoice, the sum will be debited from your bank account. This allows you plenty of time to contact your local cambio office with any queries you may have.

      All things considered, you will receive a detailed overview of your monthly car costs. You would need to spend a lot of time analysing this for a private car.

    • Do I have to pay a deposit?


    • How soon can I get started?

      Within five working days; or possibly even sooner ...

      Directly after signing the contract for registration, you will receive your cambioCard - it is your personal key to all cambio cars.

      Please don't forget to bring your driving licence and ID card along with you.

      We will provide you with detailed customer handbook containing all necessary information. You can also download this handbook under "your city" at Downloads

      We only need a few days to register your data, activate your chipcard and send you your PIN.

      In some cities you need to attend an "induction meeting" in your local cambio office. There, you can sign the contract straight away. Click on Contact to see where and when the next meeting will take place.

      You can help us to speed up the registration process by filling in the form online (Become customer) or by forwarding the completed "application form cambioCard" in advance by post or by fax. You download this form under "your city" at Downloads. We will get in touch with you as soon as you cambioCard is activated.

    • Is CarSharing different from car rental?

      Yes, there are crucial differences ...

      Yes, there are crucial differences. Here are the most important ones:

      Car rental: you have to fill out contract forms before each trip. The car has to be collected and returned within the office's opening hours.
      CarSharing: after initial registration you have easy access to all vehicles using your personal chip card. You can access the vehicle at any time of the day or night, regardless of the opening times. You can even reserve your vehicle minutes before you are due to commence your journey.

      Car rental: the minimum rental period is 24 hours and there are only a few rental locations in each city.
      CarSharing: you can book your car for a minimum of one hour. Numerous car locations with reserved parking bays are availlable all over your city.

      Car rental: the basic rental conditions include neither damage excess reduction nor fuel. Payment is by credit card.
      CarSharing: the standard prices are already inclusive of ...
      ... damage excess reduced to 1,000 euros for fully comprehensive cover
      ... fuel costs
      ... costs for child seats, winter tyres and and snow chains.
      Each month, you will receive an invoice showing a clear list of all trips you've made. Payment is simply deducted from your bank account by direct debit.

  • Booking How do I book a car? Do I always get a car when I want one? What if I don't need the car anymore?...
    • How do I book a car?

      24/7-service via Internet, cambioApp or phone call ...

      You can book your car 24 hours a day using your personal computer, your smartphone or your telephone.

      When booking via internet you may log in using your username and password. The "real booking" will then be as easy as our "Trial Booking" tool displayed on the right of the screen. With this tool you can check if your favourite car would be available at your preferred time. The answer will be drawn from the real database.

      You can also book a car by calling us on the phone. In this case please state
      1. the city where you are registered,
      2. your customer number
      3. your name
      4. day and time of departure and return
      5. your favourite location and vehicle class
      If the requested car is available, you will immediately receive the confirmation. If not, we will suggest several alternatives.

      With the cambio-App you can easily book a car whilst en route. You can also check, modify or cancel your reservation. Find out the closest cambio location, the nearest available car or check the expected costs for your trip. The free cambio-App for iPhone, iPad or iPod is now available on the AppleStore.

      By the way: In order to avoid unnecessary stress, we recommend booking the car for one or two hours more than you may need. You can always cancel the remaining time if you return earlier. The cancelled time will only be charged at 35 per cent of the normal time fares.

      "Automatic Cancellation" (AutoStorno): Register for this additional service which is available for all locations with an electronic key locker. The remaining time will automatically be cancelled after inserting the car key into the key locker. This service is only available in the city in which you are registered as a customer.

    • Can I get a car every time I want one?

      93% of all requests will be satisfied ...

      We almost always have a vehicle available for you. 93 per cent of reservation queries are provided to the customer's satisfaction. This is an excellent statistic considering that two thirds of all bookings are made less than one hour beforehand. However: just reserving slightly earlier will ensure you'll get your favourite car at your favourite location. If you want to, you can even book your car up to 180 days in advance.

      At peak times (such as school breaks, bank holidays and Christmas), we get additional reservation enquiries and might run short especially of estate cars. Please get in touch with your local cambio office in such cases. Our staff will be there to support you.

      To be absolutely sure...
      companies can use our "Block Reservation" service. This means, a defined time frame can be reserved exclusively for your company. Your staff members can then book and drive a car whenever they need one within this given time frame - just as if it was a company owned car. Please contact your local cambio office for detailed information.

    • Can I start my trip straight away?

      Yes, you can...

      Book your favourite car online or call our reservation service. Our system only needs about three minutes to transfer the reservation data.

      If the location you are leaving from is equipped with an electronic key locker, you can also call the reservation service directly from the locker: hold your chip card against the reader (marked with a "C") and tap the "B" key on the key pad. You will be directly connected to our reservation service. Three minutes later you can type in you PIN and take away your car key.

    • How far in advance can I book?

      Bookable up to 6 months in advance ...

      Everyone breaths a sigh of relief when their holiday has been booked and the details are finalised. With cambio, you can reserve your car up to 180 days in advance.

      The earlier you book, the more likely it is that you will get your favourite car at your favourite location for your favourite time of year.

      However, we know from experience that we might run short of cars if, for instance, you would like to book the perfect estate car for two weeks just a couple of days before the beginning of the summer holidays.

      It might be just as difficult to get a van at short notice for relocation on a weekend just before or after the end of a month.

      In any case, you can be sure that we'll be there to support you!

    • Do reservations always have a specific end-time?

      Basically yes - but you can opt for 'Open End' as well ...

      Yes, basically you need to fix a return time with CarSharing.

      But: for those who cannot or do not want to commit themselves, cambio has developed a new service called "Open-End".

      For a slight extra charge of 50 cent per hour you can book a car without fixing a return time. In this case, cambio will count the return time as being the moment when you inserted the car key back into the electronic key locker.

      The maximum rental time with cambio is 30 days. Minimum billing period is one hour to the full hour rate, even if you cancel at short notice (less than 24 hours beforehand).
      The "Open End" service is available for certain vehicle classes at selected locations in Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bremen, Hamburg and Cologne.

      If you would like to use this service, please contact your local cambio office to register.

    • Can I extend or shorten a reservation?

      Of course - however, please note that ...

      Of course, you are free to extend or to shorten your reservation. This can be done via internet, cambioApp or by calling our reservation service.

      Extending a reservation

      Please make sure you always call our reservation service BEFORE your reservation ends. Then there are two options:
      a. If there is no reservation for car just after yours, you can extend your booking without any extra charges.
      b. If another customer has already booked the car, you can also extend your reservation but we will charge you with a supplement of 15 euros.

      Shortening a reservation

      Again, there are two options:
      a. more than 24 hours before the start of the reservation: you can either shorten your reservation or cancel it entirely at no extra charge.
      b. less than 24 hours before: you can save 65 per cent of the time costs since any remaining time will be only be charged at 35 per cent of the time costs.

    • How long can a reservation be?

      At least one hour, with a maximum of 30 days ...

      The minimum booking period is one hour. The reservation can start or end on the full quarter of an hour (e.g. 6.00, 7.15, 8.30, 9.45).
      From this first hour on, you can determine the time in quarter-hourly intervals.
      The maximum rental time with cambio is 30 days.

    • What if I need to cancel the reservation?

      Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 h. beforehand ...

      You can easily cancel your reservation via internet or by phone.

      This will be free of charge, if you cancel at least 24 hours before the start of your reservation.

      But even if you cancel at short notice (less than 24 hours beforehand) you'll still save 65% of the time costs. Only 35% will be charged.

    • Why do I need to accept "cookies" for login?

      Cookies are indispensable for online booking...

      Session cookies are temporary and will expire when you close your browser or when you log out of a website.
      These cookies allow you to proceed through many pages of a website quickly and easily without having to authenticate or reprocess each new area you visit.
      Session cookies are essential for the functionality of mycambio - the customer area. If you have them turned off on your browser, you will be unable to log into the customer area.

      These cookies allow us to collect data relating to your use of the website, including the content on which you click while browsing the website, in order to improve the performance and design of the website.
      Our website uses Piwik, a web analysis tool that conforms to German data protection requirements.
      The information generated by the cookie on your use of the website is never disclosed to third parties and stay on our own servers. Your IP address is immediately anonymised during this process, so that you remain anonymous to us as a user.

      If you do not want cambio record and analyze any information about your surfing habits, you can at any time contradict the (Opt-Out).
      For more information have a look into our Cookie policy

  • Driving Where can I find the car keys? Do I have to take fuel every time I drive? Can I use cars in an other city?...
    • When can I pick up my car?

      Any time you like ...

      All cambio cars are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

      You can pick up your reserved car from its parking space at any time of day (or night) regardless of the opening hours of your local cambio office.

    • Do I have to pick up my car on the dot?

      You can - but you don't have to ...

      No. Within your booking period the car remains reserved exclusively for you.

      By the way: If you realise that you won't need the reserved car as early as you thought, or perhaps not at all, you can easily shorten your booking period or even cancel the entire reservation. Give us a call and you'll save 65% of the time costs. Please note however that it is not possible to shorten or cancel a booking period retroactively.

    • How do I get my car key?

      By using your cambio-Card ...

      Together with your PIN, the cambioCard gives you access to all our vehicles. You will find the car key either in an electronic key locker at the car's location or, for cars with an on-board computer, in the glove box.

      Key locker locations

      - Hold your cambioCard a few centimetres from the locker's reader (marked with a "C").
      - Type in your PIN.
      - Open the locker door behind which you will find several car keys, each in a separate slot.
      - The text display indicates which car key is yours. A small LED light is also visible next to the key for your vehicle.

      Vehicles with an on-board computer

      - A small red light will glow in the reader field of the windscreen (marked with a "C").
      - Hold your cambioCard in front of the reader for a few seconds until the small yellow light starts to glow.
      - Finally, the green light appears and the computer unlocks the car's central locking system.
      - Type in your PIN on the key pad of the on-board computer usually inside the glove box.
      - Then you can remove the car key from its slot and start the car.

    • Can I start straight away?

      Yes - but please check the car for damage first ...

      You can start your trip (almost) immediately. But first you are obliged to check whether the car has any visible damages. At night you can use the torch provided in the glove box of each car.

      Should you spot something, please refer to the logbook first. This is usually located in the glove box. On the first page there is a list with all registered damages and on the inside cover of the logbook you will find sketches depicting these.

      - If the damage is already registered, you can start straight away.

      - If the damage is not registered in the logbook, please call our reservation service and describe the damage. Our reservation service staff will decide upon whether you can still use this car despite the damage or if your booking needs to be changed.

      Please do not write anything in the logbook as this is the responsibility of the cambio fleet staff. They service the vehicles on a regular basis - the customers simply check in the meantime.

    • Which cars can I book? Which features are available?

      All cars are new vehicles, not older than 3-4 years ...

      A compact car, a family car, an estate car or a van? cambio has the right car for you. All cars are new vehicles which are renewed every three or four years as a rule.

      You can choose between cars with manual or automatic gear boxes and most of them are equipped with air conditioning.

      All cambio-Cars are fitted with winter tyres or all-season typres. For journeys in the snow or in the mountains, please ask your local service office for snow chains.

      In wintertime, most cars will be fitted with winter tyres or all-season tyres. If you are planning a winter holiday trip you can book the winter tyres as a specific option whilst reserving the car - without any additional charge.

      Specific options can be booked online, app or by phone.

      In Germany all cars with 5-doors are equipped with one of the following child seats, except transporters:

      - "Graco JUNIOR MAXI"
      - "Safety 1st Travel Safe"
      "MaxiProtect Aero"

      All child seat are suitable for children from 15 - 36 kg or from 3 to 12 years old.

      You can reserve and collect additional child seats or roof racks whith your local cambio office - while stocks last.

      Hint: If you need a child seat in Belgium please contact your local cambio office, too.

    • Do I need to refuel the car each time I use it?

      No, but the tank should be 1/4 full when you return it ...

      No, you don't have to refill the tank each time you use a car.

      Just make sure the vehicle contains at least one quarter of a tank when you return it. This means that every customer knows they can drive at least 100 km without having to refuel.

      You also don't have to fill in a driver report each time. However, if you do fill the tank, please enter the current mileage and also the mileage at the start and end of your trip.
      Please also indicate whether you refuelled using the cambio fuel card or if you paid for the fuel yourself. If you have refulled by yourself please submit the orginal bill to your cambio office, the amount will be credited with the next bill.

      Please don't fill in fuels like "V-Power" from Shell or "Ultimate" from Aral. This fuels are expensive and their use is controversial.

    • What about insurance?

      Fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown cover ...

      All vehicles are equipped with a breakdown cover voucher (or assistance from the manufacturer). In case of an accident, the damage is covered by a fully comprehensive insurance subject to your agreed excess. Normally, your damage excess is limited to 1,000 euros per claim.

      You can also purchase our "SafetyPack" (German: SiPack) to reduce the excess to only 200 euros (400€ for Opel Vivaro or Citroën Jumper/Jumpy). This costs 50 euros per person.

    • Do I have to clean the car?

      Please take away your rubbish at the end of the trip ...

      Our fleet staff clean and vacuum the cars during the regular vehicle checks. So normally you won't have to take care of the cleaning.

      However, if your children just ate some cookies and left crumbs on the back seat or if you used a vehicle car to carry soiled goods, we expect you to clean the vehicle for the next user. Please respect cambio's golden CarSharing rule: everyone is responsible for removing their own "visible residue" (also see our section: Can I take my pet in the car?).

      On the other hand, if the car you've booked is already messy before your trip, please don't hesitate to call our reservation service. We will take care of it as soon as possible. If the car is in an unacceptable state and you would prefer not to use it, just call us and book another car. In some cases, you will receive compensation for the inconvenience.

      If the car is dirty on the outside, cambio will also cover the costs of you using a car wash.

    • How much do I have to pay in case of an accident?

      Nothing if wasn't your fault! Otherwise between €200
      and €1,000 depending on a few factors ...

      Without any additional conditions, your excess in the case of an accident will be limited to a maximum of 1,000 euros.
      However, you can reduce your excess to 200 euros with our "SafetyPack" (German: SiPack) (400€ for Opel Vivaro or Citroën Jumper/Jumpy). This costs 50 euros per person.

    • What if the car isn't clean before I start?

      Book another car or use a car wash at our expense ...

      Inside cleaning: if you discover that the car is dirty or messy, please call our reservation service immediately, i.e. before commencing your journey. If you wish, we will book another car for you straight away. This way you can help us to keep the cars clean and remind the irresponsible user to be more thoughtful next time.

      Outside cleaning: sometimes it's just a matter of a few hours before dust or rain makes the car dirty again. We give you a choice if you feel the car is not clean enough: you can either use a car wash (at our expense of course) or book another car.

    • Can I let someone else drive?

      Yes, as long as you remain in the car and ...

      As long as you remain in the car, you can allow someone else to drive - provided that:

      1. this person has had a full driving licence valid in Germany. The person must also have the licence with them on the journey
      2. you have personally made sure that the person is in a fit state to drive

      Otherwise you are not entitled to permit anyone else to drive a cambio vehicle. The only exception is when the person is registered as an authorised driver with cambio and has a Partner-Card. In such a case, the person can call our reservation service to "take over" the trip

    • Is smoking allowed in cambio-cars?

      No! All cambio-cars are "No Smoking Areas" ...

      Not only all non-smokers but also the majority of smokers prefer to have a smoke-free car.

      That is why smoking is strictly prohibited.

      Report your complaint. Please call our reservation service if you feel that someone has not taken this point seriously and has in fact smoked in the car.

    • Do I have to pay for fuel myself

      No, we take care of that ...

      The fuel costs are already included in our travel fees. In each car you will find a fuel card which you can use at numerous appointed filling stations all over Europe.

      However, if you need to refuel at a different filling station you will need to pay for it yourself. Then forward the receipt to us, indicating your name, your customer number and the name of the car. The amount will be deducted from your next invoice. Please get in touch with your local office for more information.

      Please note that our travel fees are subject to change. This means that the price per kilometre on your invoice might differ by a maximum of three cents more or less, depending on current fuel price fluctuations.

    • Can I take my pet in the car?

      Remember that some users are allergic to pet hairs ...

      Please avoid carrying pets in the car because a growing number of our users are allergic to per hairs.

      If, for some reason, you absolutely need to take your furry friend with you, make sure you are using appropriate transport baskets and that these are stored in the boot of the car. Front or back-seats are no-go areas for all pets! Remember to clean and vacuum the boot thoroughly at the end of your trip.

      Please note: An extra cleaning charge of 30 euros per working hour will apply if we need to clean the car!

    • Can I drive abroad with cambio?

      Not all countries are covered by our insurance ...

      You can drive to the following countries without any further requirements: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and the Vatican.

      For trips to Poland and Spain (the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands are not covered by our insurance at all) you are duty bound to carry written authorisation of the vehicle's owner.
      Please get in touch with your local cambio office in good time if you need to apply for permission for Poland or Spain.
      ( Subject to change)

      You did not find your EU destination in the country list? Please consult your local office.

    • What happens if I'm late?

      Call our call centre BEFORE your reservation expires...

      Please remember to always call our reservation service BEFORE your booking period expires. Then you will have two options:

      a. If there is no reservation for car just after yours, you can extend your reservation without any extra charges. Your fee will be charged on the basis of the regular time fares.

      b. If another customer has already booked the car
      , you can also extend your reservation but, in addition to the regular time fares, we will charge you a supplement of 15 euros for each affected booking.

    • What if the car I've booked is not available?

      Call us - we will book another car for you ...

      Please call our reservation service. If there is an electronic locker at your location you can do this by pushing the "B" key on the key pad.
      In most case we can directly book another car for you.
      Our statistics show that, only 0.25% of all trips cannot happen for some reason or another - we are working on ways of reducing this even more.

    • What if the parking bay is occupied when I return?

      Look for a common parking space and call us ...

      You forgot to secure the parking bay when you left and now someone else parked his car there?
      Please look for a common parking space nearby. Buy a pay and display ticket if necessary and call our reservation service.
      Our staff will get in touch with the next user of your car to let him know where he can find the car.
      In many cases, cambio has no right to call for a tow truck to tow away the car which is occupying the parking bay. Our fleet staff then has to check the parking bay at regular intervals until the other car has left.
      All related costs are charged to the person who caused the inconvenience.

    • Can I return the car to a different location?

      No, you always need to return the car to the same location where you picked it up.

      With CarSharing you always need to return the car to the same location where you picked it up. You cannot return it to a different location - neither in another cambio city nor in another town. A cambio car must always be returned to the location it was collected from.

    • What documents are in the car?

      Driver reports, fuel card, logbook, registration ...

      The cambio-Bordbook contains:
      - the list of registered damages and sketches
      - the fuel card
      - special instructions for this specific car type
      - what to do in case of a breakdown or an accident
      - the vehicle registration certificate
      - the green insurance cover document
      - a customer handbook
      - a ball-pen

      In most cars, you can find the cambio-Bordbook in the glove box or in the front passenger's door compartment.

      The manufacturer's instruction is usually in the glove box.

    • What do I do if the car breaks down?

      Breakdown information is inside the logbook ...

      It's good to know that all cambio cars have full breakdown cover (in some cases assistance from the manufacturer).
      Inside the cambio logbook you will find all necessary information, including the phone number of a 24/7 emergency hotline. Please do not leave the scene until you know exactly how to proceed.
      Remember to always call our reservation service too. You will get additional support and our staff will be able to notify the next user of the car if necessary.

    • What happens in the case of an accident?

      Stay calm, call the police and our reservation service ...

      First of all, please try to stay calm. You will find all necessary information inside the cambio logbook.
      1. Secure the scene of the accident. If necessary, seek assistance and always call the police. Never sign any paperwork admitting that you caused the accident.
      2. Call our reservation service as soon as you can. Our staff will support you and register the necessary data regarding the accident. They will also decide on how to proceed with the car.
      3. Hand over the cambio contact details sheet to the other party involved. You will find it inside the logbook in section "Unfall/Panne" (accident/breakdown).
      4. Write down the police's log book number ("Tagebuch-Nummer") for the accident. In some cases the police will give you a copy of the accident report. Please hand it over to your local cambio office together with the completed European Accident Report which you will also find in the cambio logbook too.

      Please note: remember to always call the police - also in the case of so-called minor loss (such as hit and run parking damages). If possible, collect contact details from witnesses at the scene.
      cambio will take are of all further proceedings.

    • What if I lose my cambioCard?

      Call our reservation service straight away ...

      Please call our reservation immediately. We will cancel your cambio-Card as soon as possible.

      Afterwards, your local cambio office will get in touch and advise you how to proceed.

    • What if I forget my PIN?

      Please call your local cambio office ...

      Please contact your local cambio office for assistance.
      In most cases, it will be necessary to issue a new smartcard. We will charge 10 euros for this service.

    • Can I drive CarSharing cars from other cities too?

      Yes, in all cambio-cities and also elsewhere ...

      Yes, there are several ways to use CarSharing cars in other cities:

      a. CarSharing in German cambio-cities (Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bonn, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cologne, Düren, Eschweiler, Flensburg, Hamburg, Hürth, Jülich, Lüneburg, Oldenburg, Saarbrücken, Uelzen, Winsen, Wuppertal und Würselen) and in the most important Belgian cities (e.g. Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Liège). You only need your personal cambioCard. You can book the cars by Internet, phone or with the cambio-App as usual.

      b. CarSharing in associated cities:
      In cities offering a CarSharing service by "stadtmobil": Hanover, Rhine-Main (Frankfurt-Offenbach), Rhein-Neckar (Heidelberg-Mannheim), Rhein-Ruhr (Düsseldorf-Essen), Stuttgart, Südbaden and Karlsruhe/Pforzheim you can use the "stadtmobil" cars just like cambio cars. Again, you only need your personal cambioCard and your PIN. This also applies to vehicles from:
      Stattauto Kiel
      confishare Ulm
      Stattauto Lübeck and
      Stadtteilauto Münster / Osnabrück

      c. CarSharing with stadtmobil Berlin
      If you are a cambio-customer, you also have access to the vehicles of stadtmobil Berlin. You open the car with you personal cambio-Card, all trips will be charged in your usual tariff. You The vehicles can be booked via the website and our hotline (0421-7946643).
      Unfortunately, this service is not available on the cambio-App.If you want to book a car from stadtmobil Berlin, simply log onto the customers area with your customer number and your PIN. Please select "other city" in the booking interface and select Berlin (stadtmobil Berlin).
      Please confirm that you agreed to send your personal data. After that you will redirected to the booking system of stadtmobil Berlin.
      If you have an accident, please contact the hotline of stadtmobil Berlin (030-692067-512).

      Together with our associated partners, cambio provides a dense network for car-mobility with over 5.680 cars.

    • Are the prices in Belgium the same as in Germany?

      Not entirely, since VAT and car costs differ ...

      Both VAT and car costs are higher in Belgium. That is why the tariffs there are about 10% higher than in Germany.
      German cambio-customers can use cars from cambio Belgium on the basis of the Belgian "Bonus Tariff".
      Find out more about the cambio tariffs in Belgium.

      Belgian cambio-customers can use cars from cambio Germany on the basis of the German "Aktiv Tariff".
      Find out more about the cambio tariffs in Germany.

    • Can I use my cambio-Card for other CarSharing cars too?

      In some cities you can ...

      cambio cooperates with several other CarSharing companies. For instance, our call centre in Bremen also provides services for associates. If you need a vehicle from any of the following companies, you can easily call our reservation service, book the car and use it with your personal cambio-Card.
      Stattauto Kiel
      confishare Ulm
      Stattauto Lübeck
      Stadtteilauto Münster
      stadtmobil in the regions of Hanover, Rhine-Main (Frankfurt-Offenbach), Rhein-Neckar (Heidelberg-Mannheim), Rhein-Ruhr (Düsseldorf-Essen) und Karlsruhe/Pforzheim.

      Together with our associated partners, cambio provides a dense network for car-mobility with over 5.680 cars.

  • Resigning When can I stop the contract? How goes the final invoice? ...
    • I don't need CarSharing any longer - what can I do?

      Submit a written notice and return your chip card ...

      Your personal circumstances may change. If you decide that you don't need our service any longer, we hope that you were satisfied with it.

      Please resign by sending us a written notice by post or by e-mail. You can also terminate your contract in the customer area of our website.
      The contract can be terminated with effect from the end of each month and we need to receive the notice at least two weeks in advance.

      Of course, you can still drive a cambio-car until the last day of your contract. The termination will only come into effect once you have returned your cambio-Card. Please return your smartcard no later than by the first working day of the following month to the local office. Otherwise we will have to charge 10 euros for each card.

    • What about the final invoice?

      Issued about two weeks after your termination date ...

      You will receive your final invoice on or around the tenth of the following month.

      Eight days after the invoice date, the final amount will be deducted from your bank account by direct debit. After this, your direct debit authorisation will expire automatically.

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