Tariffs in Aachen

With cambio you only pay when you use. The fixed costs are limited. The costs for your use our divided in a price per kilometer and a price per hour. These prices are fuel, insurance and vta included . Choose a tariff that suits you the best!

Via "price information" you can try a reservation and you will get all the price information of the different tariffs for that reservation.

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Private customers

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  • Profi

    Recommended for companies using cars mainly from monday till friday.

    A monthly invoice:

    Hour rate: 1,45 € per hour x 200 hours 290.00 €
    Kilometer rate: 28 Cent per km x 1600 km 448.00 €
    Monthly fee: 22.00 €
    Cost 760.00 €

    Average usage in the most popular price category S (eg Fiesta ) .

    Tariff details

  • Basis

    No fixed costs. Favourable rate per kilometer - slightly higher rate per hour.

    A monthly invoice:

    Hour rate: 3,35 € per hour x 5 hours 16.75 €
    Kilometer rate: 26 Cent per km x 40 km 10.40 €
    Monthly fee: 0.00 €
    Cost 27.15 €

    Average usage in the most popular price category S (eg Fiesta ) on a workday.

    Tariff details

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