Orderform cambio-card

Download the orderform to receive a cambio-card or do it online.

downloaddownload Download: AAC_CardAnmeldung.pdf (104 kB)


Download the Partner-Card-pdf to subscribe a member of your family. Alternatively you can can subscribe a partner in the customer area.

downloaddownload Download: AAC_Anmeldung_FB_z.Hauptvertrag.pdf (107 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt-AAC.pdf (665 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt-AAC-Düren.pdf (570 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_AAC-Eschweiler.pdf (207 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_AAC-Herzogenrath.pdf (289 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_AAC-Jülich.pdf (361 kB)
downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_AAC_Wurselen.pdf (390 kB)


in the city of Aachen

downloaddownload Download: Stationen_Aachen.pdf (246 kB)

in the region of Aachen

downloaddownload Download: Stationen_Region_Aachen.pdf (287 kB)

Tariffs and Service Fees


No fixed costs. Favourable rate per kilometer - slightly higher rate per hour. For students and young people till 25 years of age.

downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_Campus_SML.pdf (515 kB)

SiPack (Sicherheitspaket)

With the SiPack you can reduce your retention from 1.000 to 200 Euro in a case of an accident, for 50 Euro per person per year.

downloaddownload Download: cambio_SiPack.pdf (71 kB)


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