cambio. Cars for all occasions.

cambio. Cars for all occasions.

For visiting a friend the compact car is enough, but for the holidays you might be better off with a van.

With cambio you have the choice.

From a compact to a transporter you will find the right vehicle for any occasion in the cambio fleet.

A small car for the weekend trip or the trip to the cinema.
An estate car for when you want to be more comfortable or you need more space.
A van for the holiday or for that sofa from your favourite furniture store.
A transporter for really special tasks.

After a one-time registration you book your vehicles via the cambioApp, on the Internet or over the phone with our booking service.

Within minutes, you have access to every vehicle by the hour, day or week.

Just get in with cambio!

More information on the range of vehicle can be found here.