How it works: personalized login

Easier, handier and more personal


The new password does not replace your PIN code on the onboard computer and in the cambioApp! You will still need your PIN code.

From now on, you can connect to Mycambio using the username and password of your choice.

There are a couple of advantages:

Easier: Select your own username and password, this will make it easier to remember your login information.

Handier: Forgot your username or password? No worries, you can request them yourself at any time.

More personal: Your login information is not linked to your client number or PIN code.

Simply follow the next steps to configure your new login:

The new login screen:

Firstly, click on the Mycambio button, which can still be found in its familiar spot.

You will see the screen below.
To configure your username and password, youll need to connect with your client number and PIN code one last time. Click the button labelled Client nr/PIN.

Select your region and enter your client number and PIN code, as youve always done.

Confirm with the button "Login".

Username and password

In the next screen youll be able to verify your personal information.
Fill in the username of your choice in the field Username.
A username needs to be unique; if the username is already in use an error will be shown and youll need to select another username.
Tip: you cannot change your username afterwards so please select it carefully!

Fill in your chosen password in the field New password.
Your new password needs to consist of a minimum of 6 characters, needs to have 1 special character, 1 capital letter and 1 number.
However, contrary to your username, you can still change the password later on.

The security question

Cant remember your username or password? No problem! Request this information automatically by mail.
For your security, we make use of a security question to verify your identity.

You get to choose the question as well as the answer so make sure you can remember the answer to your security question!
Confirm with the button "Continue".

Confirmation of username and password

In the next screen the registration of your username and password is confirmed.

You have now succesfully completed the necessary steps to configure your new login.

Your next connection

Use the button "Mycambio".
From now on you'll always have to log in to Mycambio by filling in the Username and Password fields and clicking the Login button to confirm.

You still need your PIN code for our onboard computers and the cambioApp so make sure to remember your PIN!