Service fees & billing

Change of tariff

One change of tariff per year free
second change of tariff within the same year €15,00

Booking, Changes, Cancellation

via app or internet Free of charge
by telephone booking service € 1.00 per call
Use of a free-floating vehicle not commenced within the reservation period (GTC7.1.) € 0.50

Cancellation rule

More than 24 hours before start of booking * Free of charge
Less than 24 hours before start of booking * 35% of the time price


Less than 1/4 tank left for the following customer **

(for tanking rules, see handbook) Use of premium fuel **

Technician service or special cleaning needed, if caused by customer
(Terms and Conditions no. 13. and 17.)
€30,00 per hour
Vehicle not returned as per agreement
(Terms and conditions no. 13. and 17.)
e. g. window open, unlocked, parking place barrier not raised, vehicle left outside the parking and tolerance zone, applicable additional technican service and damages**

Travelling without booking
(Terms and conditions no. 7. and 17.)**

Travelling without doing a damage check
(Terms and conditions no 9.1.)** Entrusting car to unauthorized person
(Terms and conditions no. 3. and 17.)**


Direct devit not honoured, plus bank fees
(Terms and conditions no. 22.)**

Dunning fees
(Terms and conditions no. 22.) per written notice **

Address search (information not provided)
Terms and conditions no. 24.1.**

Loss, damage replacement of a cambio card
(Terms and conditions no. 6. and 17.)**

Replacement cost will be charged for the loss of the charging cable of an E-Mobil. max. €750,00
Late fee per affected booking** €15,00
Late return fee** €40,00 + twice the time price
* The telephone booking fee remains the same. Retroactive cancellations are not possible.
** There is no VAT on this amount. All other amounts include applicable VAT. Late fee (Terms and conditions no. 8.2. f.)**