History and cambio today

The origins
The cambio Mobilitätsservice GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 2000 following the fusion of the CarSharing companies StadtteilAuto Aachen, StadtAuto Bremen and StattAuto Köln.

The Group
As a holding company cambio Mobilitätsservice GmbH & Co. KG and its subsidiary CarSharing Service GmbH (CSS) offer local providers the franchise-like option of centralised services for the operation of a successful CarSharing business.
The actual car sharing business is operated by independent local companies (usually limited liability companies). These local providers are responsible for customer relations and the local fleet of cars.
The majority of cambio group shareholders are its employees and customers.

cambio today
Today cambio is present at over 1500 stations in 35 German and 92 Belgian cities. Over 4350 vehicles are used by more than 181.000 customers.
In collaboration with its partner companies, cambio is able to offer over 9400 vehicles in more than 300 cities in Germany and Belgium, thus providing a dense network of mobility.

In Germany youll find cambio in Aachen, Berlin, Bielefeld, Bonn, Bremen, Bremerhaven, Cologne, Eschweiler, Flensburg, Hamburg, Herzogenrath, Jülich, Lüneburg, Oldenburg, Saarbrücken, Uelzen, Winsen and Wuppertal.

Milestones in the companys history

cambio starts in Flensburg.

cambio starts offering a specially developed app for fleet maintenance teams. cambio joins the European Cleaner Car Contract.

The cambioApp becomes available for download.

cambio starts in Bonn.

The first electric cars are integrated into the fleet. The city of Bremen promotes car sharing at the World EXPOs Urban Best Practice Area and cambio is there with them. cambio starts in Wuppertal.

The Belgian national railway becomes a shareholder of cambio Belgium, enabling cambio to offer cambio cars at 200 train stations. Lüneburgs car sharing provider Campus Mobil joins the cambio group.

cambio starts in Berlin.

The first solar-powered key lockers are put into operation.

The Belgian automobile club VAB becomes a shareholder of cambio Belgium.

Introduction of the OpenEnd booking option.

cambio starts in Flanders in Belgium.

cambio Brussels and cambio Hamburg start operation. Oldenburgs StadtTeilAuto joins the cambio group.

cambio Belgium starts a pilot project in Namur in Wallonia. cambio becomes a system service provider for Stadtteilauto Münster.

A direct phone connection from the electronic key lockers to the booking service simplifies communication. Bielefelds car sharing provider Citymobil joins the cambio group.

The first three CarSharing providers, Stadtauto Bremen, StadtteilAuto Aachen and STATTAUTO Köln, merge to found the cambio group.
cambio starts in Saarbrücken.
Booking over the Internet becomes available.

The first STATTAUTO cars operate in Cologne.

Stadtauto in Bremen and StadtteilAuto in Aachen are two of the first providers in the field.