Checking for Damages

When taking over a cambio car, you need to clarify that you did not cause any existing exterior damages before setting off. Please check the vehicle thoroughly. Pay attention to side mirrors, roof, wheels and tyres, headlights and tail lights, as well as the windshield.

Tiny scratches on the surface, less than 2 cm long, are normal traces of use and do not have to be reported.

When you notice some damage, check the logbook whether it has already been documented (list and sketches of damages on the inside).
In this case, you can just set off.

If there are any new damages, please report these immediately to the booking service. You can reach the booking service by pressing B at the safe, or by pressing the yellow button on the hands-free equipment of the car computer.

If you fail to check for damages or continue to use the car without authorisation of the booking service, cambio may assert a flat charge for damages of 250 Euro.