In Aachen

ASEAG - The good start

Annual subscribers of the ASEAG only paying half of the registration fee at cambio and are also saving 5 percent of the price per hour and kilometer. Owner of a job- or semesterticket are also only paying half of the regestration fee.

If you want to test cambio and ASEAG, you can get an non-binding test-month and is also getting a ASEAG-week ticket for the urban area of Aachen.

If you want to stay with cambio after you have had your test-month and take out an annual subscription with ASEAG, you only have to pay half of the registration fee at cambio (15 euros). You are also getting a 5 percent discount on the cambio km- and hourly rates in the AKTIV-Tarif and also one month of free traveling in the whole AVV-area.

STAWAG - Stadtwerke Aachen AG

Customers of the STAWAG Ökostrom are saving the regestration fee of 30 euros by presenting the StromSTA® ÖkoPlus certificate or the contract confirmation.

If you are already a cambio customer and switch to STAWAG Ökostrom, you will receive a trip credit of 30 euros when you present the StromST® Ökoplus certificate or the contract confirmation.

In Jülich

Aachener Bank - Mein Leben lang

Customers of the Aachener Bank save the cambio-registration fee of 30 euros.
Because whoever chooses a cooperative bank thinks and acts sustainably.

Throughout germany

ADFC - Allgemeiner Deutscher Fahrrad-Club e. V.

The association advocates the interests of everyday and recreational cyclists and also offers non-members a lot of information, e.g. all about bike tours, bike technology and life with the bike. The ADFC is represented in more than 450 cities in Germany.

At the beginning of the new 2020 cycling season, cambio is offering all ADFC members attractive entry-level conditions. If you present your ADFC membership card when registering, you save half the registration fee and thus 15 euros.

Green Planet Energy

Besides the emissions caused by traffic, energy generation is the biggest cause of climate change. The name cambio stands for change. So it is only logical for cambio to operate the servers in addition to the usual devices without nuclear and coal electricity. In addition to clean green electricity, Green Planet Energy also offers the innovative gas product pro Windgas.

cambio customers save when switching to green electricity provider Green Planet Energy
When switching to Green Planet Energy, cambio customers receive a bonus of 25 euros, which is credited with the first annual invoice. In addition, Green Planet Energy donates 15 euros for each new customer to the non-profit organization "Leben nach Tschernobyl e.V.". You can switch online at any time!

In the cambio shop in the customer area of the website you can find the registration form. This means that your change is completed in no time. You can also change by phone at 040/808 110 600, then enter the action code CAMBIO during the data synchronization.

Green Planet Energy

Greenpeace Energy customers save the registration fee (30 euros) when entering the cambio.