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1500 stations 28 cities,
16 models, 4 price classes.


Nothing is as constant as change: not long ago, the car was freedoms favourite child.

This has changed. Today it is harder than ever to find a parking spot in busy residential areas. The personal car is often a burden. It is also no longer the status symbol it used to be.

However, it is indisputable that more and more people of all age groups choose car sharing over a personal car. cambio offers a reserved parking spot for every vehicle, a benefit which cambio users value greatly. And what applies to individuals also applies to businesses.

Our most important mission is: "More space in the city". Thats how we focus our services and price structure. Every cambio car replaces 11 private cars. That makes car sharing an important tool for city and regional planners in transport planning. A glace into the future might look like this: fewer streets full of parked cars, more green space, more CarSharing spaces a car at your beck and call just around the corner. CarSharing à la cambio creates room for more quality of life.

We look forward to the challenges that changing mobility behaviour brings, especially to the field of car sharing because in change, too, lies consistency.