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Opening hours: Mo and Fr 9:00 till 17:00h und Tu, Wd, Th 9:00 till 18:00h
Induction-meetings and opening hours of our sales offices you can find here.

cambio. Cars for all occasions.

A compact car for the city, an estate car for the holidays and a transporter, just in case? No problem!


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154 Vehicles, 75 Stations,
8 Car Types, 4 Price Classes


CarSharing. Your advantages.

Always the right car, including insurance, petrol and parking spot. CarSharing pays off: whether you are interested in saving money, helping the environment or having more time.


Combine cleverly

Entry deals for tram and bus users.

Your benefit

CarSharing. This is how it works!

cambio is the inexpensive alternative to buying or leasing a car for companies that want efficient and flexible mobility.


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