Service fees & billing

Change of tariff

One change of tariff per year free
second change of tariff within the same year 15,00 €

Cancellation rule

24h before the beginning of your reservation free
Less than 24h before the beginning of your reservation 35% of the hour rate


Bringing back the car in a not regulatory way, f.e. the fuel tank is less than 1/4 filled or bringing back the car filthy. Refuelled premium fuels**

Refuelling rules manual site 16 and on our webiste refuelling abroad

5,00 €
An additional cleaning beacuse the car was left dirty.
(AGB Ziff. 13. und 17.)
per hour 30,00 €
If the the reserved car isn't brought back on the reserved time, is not on the agreed/given place or is not ready for use.
(AGB Ziff. 13. und 17.)
F.e. leaving the station in a not regulatory matter, f.e. not lifting up the parking barrier. In the case of electric vehicles, the charging cable also has to be connected to the charging column and the charging process has to be started.

Driving without booking
(AGB Ziff. 7. und 17.)**

50,00 €
Not mentionning a new damage on the car / or not controlling trhe car on any new damage.
(AGB Ziff 9.1.)** Driving without license
(AGB Ziff. 3. und 17.)**
250,00 €


Debit is not redeemed plus bank charges
(AGB Ziff. 22.)**

Processing of fines and offenses** Overdue fines
(AGB Ziff. 22.) for each reminder **

5,00 €
Address research
AGB Ziff. 24.1.**

Replacement of a cambio card or a parking card due to theft/lost/...
(AGB Ziff. 6. und 17.)**

Replacement of a charging cable for a eMobil due to loss max. 750,00€
Delay with warning: the car is brought back too late after cambio is warned about the delai and the following user is hindered.** 15,00 €
Delai without warning: the car is brought back too late but cambio is NOT warned about the delai which causes hinders for the next user.** 30,00 € + hour rate * 2
* Costs of telephone booking will stay. Backdated cancellations are not possible.
** This amount is without VAT. All unmarked amounts are inclusive VAT.
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