Welcome to cambio Rheinland

cambio. Electric mobility.

In 2011 cambio integrated the first pure electric cars into its fleet. These vehicles can be booked flexibly and spontaneously as usual from various stations around the city just like any other cambio car.

Driving through the city centre almost soundlessly has a futuristic feel to it yet for many cambio users it is already normal. The small electric cars are found in the inexpensive price class S and have become a true alternative to combustion engines.

The quiet electric engines are fuelled with renewable energy. You are thus driving with virtually no CO2 output. Quiet and clean a convincing idea, especially in dense inner cities areas.

Electric mobility is predicted to play a central role in future urban mobility. In combination with conventional vehicles, they show their strength in short inner-city trips. For this sort of trips their relatively short range is only of minor importance. If you plan a longer trip, another vehicle will be available for you.

Electric mobility is already normal for cambio. Try it!