Orderform cambio-card

Download the orderform to receive a cambio-card or do it online.

downloaddownload Download: CardAnmeldung_KOE.pdf (96 kB)


Download the Partner-Card-pdf to subscribe a member of your family. Alternatively you can can subscribe a partner in the customer area.

downloaddownload Download: PartnerCard_KOE.pdf (94 kB)


VRS-eTicket holders can also use cambio cars, special conditions included. Just fill fill out our online customer registration form or use the PDF.

downloaddownload Download: CardAnmeldung_KOE-VRS.pdf (66 kB)


Everything you need to know to use our cars.

downloaddownload Download: Handbuch.pdf (1.920 kB)


Basics about cambio in your city.

downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_KOE_Köln.pdf (639 kB)

Tariffs and Service Fees


No fixed costs. Favourable rate per kilometer - slightly higher rate per hour. For students and young people till 25 years of age.

downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_cambio-Campus.pdf (370 kB)

SiPack (Sicherheitspaket)

With the SiPack you can reduce your retention from 1.000 to 200 Euro in a case of an accident, for 50 Euro per person per year.

downloaddownload Download: cambio-SiPack.pdf (102 kB)


For a permanent prepayment of 500 Euro cambio pay you a credit voucher of 1 Euro per month.

downloaddownload Download: Informationen_cambio-Depot.pdf (62 kB)


Get your free version of the cambio-App.
With our app you can book vehicles on the go and check, edit or cancel existing bookings. For android and iOS.


Terms and conditions

downloaddownload Download: AGB_EN.pdf (96 kB)
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