Welcome to cambio Aachen

CarSharing. Your advantages.

CarSharing, simply a good idea...

... for young people,
if a smartphone is more important your own car. When mobility happens in the real world it should be just as simple as it is on the web.

... for the family,
as alternative to the family car. For kids birthdays, the weekly shopping trips or the holidays. You can find booster seats in all cambioCars.

... for the city person,
in combination with public transport or the bicycle. cambio offers regular users attractive entry conditions. The price of petrol at the next station thus fades to irrelevance.

... for persons in their best years,
when your personal car is parked more often than its driven. Tariffs for occasional drivers make it possible: individual mobility is getting cheaper and more convenient. You can book your car spontaneously or in advance on the Internet or over the phone, whichever you prefer.

... for the business customer,
If you do not have your own fleet of cars, you need to downsize an existing one or you want to better meet the demand at peak times. With full control of the costs you have access to the cambio fleet 24 hours a day.

... for everyone
who cares about sustainable and future-oriented mobility.

More information about your city you can be found here.