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CarSharing and public transport.

Driving in the city centre? For many not a real option. Buses and trams are often faster and more convenient.
But every now and then you do need a car. This is where CarSharing is a clever addition to your mobility plan.
Cars are practical: for shopping bags, for transporting items, or for a trip to the sea or to the mountains.

Combining different modes of transport; thats clever.
Especially in the city people look for the transport mode that best fulfils their needs. Bus and tram play a central role here.

But the bus isnt always practical and the tram doesnt always run. Thats when the cambio car becomes an important building block of individual mobility. Quickly and reliably booked, it is there when you need a car. No matter whether its for a theatre visit, a shopping trip, a move, or a quick jaunt you can count on it.

Are you a frequent user of public transport in your city? cambio offers you special conditions.

More information can be found here.

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