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cambio. Price and tariff structure.

Always as much car as you need.

In general prices are composed of a time and a kilometre element, which are all inclusive, including petrol. These vary according to the vehicle model and the price category.
Then there are the different tariffs: Occasional users pay a low monthly charge, but slightly higher time and kilometre costs when they need a car. Frequent users pay a higher monthly charge, but benefit from lower usage fees.


Driving to customers in tariff BASIS.

3 hours and 40 kilometres in Ford Fiesta (Price class S) for €18.20, fuel included.

Transportation of office furniture in tariff Profi.

5 hours and 28 kilometres in a Ford Transit (price class L) for €29.58, fuel included.

Journey to the exhibition with equipment in tariff Profi.

2 days and 142 kilometres in a Ford Focus estate car (Price class M) for €87,04, fuel included.

Of course your mobility needs may change.
Your cambio tariff can be adjusted to your needs. Short contract durations and flexible, short-notice tariff changes are possible. With cambio you always drive with the tariff that suits your current lifestyle.

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