Mobility starts in your head

CarSharing is not just a passing trend. Permanent traffic jams, a shortage of parking spots and steadily increasing costs make car ownership more and more unattractive.
The average car spends 23 hours a day parked at the side of the road; not very sensible, is it?

We see CarSharing as a building block of modern mobility and an ideal complement to bus, tram and bicycle.

One card - for a lot of cars.

A weekend trip with friends

2 days and 142 kilometres in a Ford Focus estate car (price class M): €109.56

Moving to a new flat

5 hours and 28 kilometres in a Ford Transit (price class L): €41.72

You want to know more? Please contact your local cambio office.

downloaddownload Download: Faltblatt_Campus_XSSML.pdf (548 kB)
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