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Frequently Asked Questions

What about hands-free Bluetooth kits?

In price class 1, all new Ford Fiesta are equipped with numerous standard components. Beside the hands-free Bluetooth car kit you'll have five doors, air-condition and a CD player for your comfort.

cambio decided to purchase this car type with all these components in order to supply suitable cars also for business customers who are using the cars mainly on workdays. Today, also companies try to save money and urge their employees to use small cars. For cambio, the cost-benefit ratio is easy to calculate: the higher equipment standard of the cars will be refinanced by a higher utilisation ratio on workdays without the need to raise the prices.

How to use the car-kit: Turn on the radio, activate the Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone and search for new devices. After your cell phone has detected the "Ford Audiosystem", select this device and connect to it. After ten seconds, the radio display shows a PIN. Enter this number to your cell phone. As soon as the connection is active, the blue Bluetooth symbol flashes on the radio display. When the driver removes the cell phone from the car, it will automatically be logged off. You can find the detailed operating instructions (German) inside the car's logbook or as a download right here.